Saturday, 23. September 2023

Antigravity treadmill

The Central Sports Centre - Olympic Preparation Centre in Wałcz enriched its offer with an innovative Antigravity Treadmill which provides training and therapy in conditions of relief, even by 80% of body weight, through the use of air pressure difference, which is reduced primarily at the joints of lower limbs. It is designed for people who are recovering from injury, surgery or want to improve their physique.

The use of a unique technology of air pressure difference in the antigravity treadmill, developed by NASA, allows safe and not burdensome rehabilitation, using a negligible load, while training to restore the natural gait pattern, which enables a gradual return to full fitness in natural conditions.

Key Benefits of Minimal Load Training:

  • Reducing stress on joints,
  • weight reduction,
  • safety,
  • reduction of excessive fatigue,
  • reducing the risk of falls,
  • Improved gait quality, plus the platform surrounding the patient reduces the risk of falling,


The anti-gravity treadmill has a wide range of applications:

  • In sports medicine for injury prevention, post-injury/post-operative rehabilitation, core training, supplemental training unit, stabilization training,
  • In orthopedic rehabilitation in the field of post-traumatic rehabilitation, movement rehabilitation, post-surgical rehabilitation, fall prevention, gait re-education, stabilization training,
  • in geriatrics is extremely important from the point of view of patients' systemic condition, allowing to reduce excessive fatigue in mature patients, while motivating to move and correcting posture. Reducing strain reduces pain caused by degenerative joint changes.
  • in pediatrics includes orthopedic and neurorehabilitation activities, gait re-education after injuries and fractures, as well as in young neurological patients to improve the quality of gait pattern and increase efficiency and motor memory

An additional advantage of the antigravity treadmill is the ability to move backwards, which has a beneficial effect on the re-education of patients' gait.

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