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Swimming pool "Delfin"


Sports complex of the swimming pool "Delfin" consists of two components:

  • indoor swimming pool - designed for general physical exercise, recreation and swimming training,
  • medical and diagnostic rooms, wellness and physical therapy rooms.


The pool hall meets basic swimming requirements:

  • a basin (6 lanes) sized 25x16m with water surface area of 400m2 and depth from 1.35m to 1.80m.


In addition to the main pool, the hall has a wading pool, equipped with a slide, geysers and water spouts.

Dimensions of the paddling pool: 6x12.5m - water surface area 75m2; depth from 0.70m to 1.20m.


In the pool hall there is also a bar - designed so that it can be used by both people using the pool and those in the hall of the building.


The pool is equipped with viewing windows for observation of training.

The pool building is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities and has:

  • 2 parking stalls (expanded),
  • driveway ramp and thresholdless driveways inside the building,
  • elevator
  • properly profiled locker rooms and toilet,
  • a hand crane to lower yourself into the water.

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