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Rehabilitation and wellness


Central Sports Centre - Olympic Preparations Centre in Walcz has a wide range of rehabilitation facilities.

We provide treatments in the field of:

  • kinesitherapy
  • hydrotherapy
  • physical therapy


The center has a cryochamber and makes it available to all who want to take care of their health!

The most valuable therapeutic effects of systemic cryotherapy are:

  • active, peripheral tissue congestion, which causes a better metabolism and rapid elimination of harmful products of metabolism, and thus determines the rapid healing of injuries and inflammation,
  • analgesic effect,
  • relaxing skeletal muscles, strengthening their strength,
  • reduce swelling in joints and soft tissues,
  • increase the body's immunity,
  • Increase levels of beneficial hormones in the blood,
  • beneficial effects on the psyche (levels of anxiety, restlessness and excitability are reduced, perception and decision-making processes are increased, as well as the resistance of the central nervous system to fatigue),
  • strengthen the structure of the surface blood vessels,
  • improve skin tone,
  • delaying the aging process,
  • biological regeneration of the body,
  • biological regeneration of the body,

Thanks to the treatment in the low-temperature chamber (minimum 10 treatments), the improvement is more intensive and generalized. This allows for a reduction in the dose or even complete withdrawal of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, and often for many months of remission of chronic diseases.



Treatments and services  number of treatments Price
Cryochamber + Kinesitherapy 1 procedure 33,00 zł
Cryochamber + Kinesitherapy 10 treatments - pass 330,00


The cost of the visit includes:

  • medical consultation,
  • cryo chamber treatment,
  • kinesitherapy.

Registration of patients willing to undergo treatments in the cryochamber takes place by phone - tel. 067 258-44-61 ext. 144.


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