Tuesday, 28. May 2024

Boxing gym

The boxing gym is located in the "Delfin" swimming pool building and is equipped, among others, with professional boxing equipment by Everlast:

  • boxing ring - floor,
  • 6 punching bags of different weights and sizes,
  • "Reflex" pear,
  • "Speed ball" pear under the platform,
  • coaching gloves,
  • skipping ropes,
  • mini gym for boxing training.

In the boxing hall of COS OPO Wałcz, prominent Polish professional boxers were preparing for their fights, among them: Krzysztof "Diablo" Włodarczyk, Albert "Dragon" Sosnowski, Rafał "Wojownik" Jackiewicz and Tomasz "Tommy" Hutkowski.

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