Saturday, 24. February 2024

Sports base

Great sport traditions, rich and modern sports and recreation base, wonderful beech and oak forests, fresh air, clean and beautifully situated lake, is a perfect place for sport and recreation at any time of the year.


We have:

  • a full-size field for field field hockey with a capacity of 599 spectators,
  • a modern athletics stadium, with the possibility of practicing high jump, long jump and ball throwing,
  • two sports halls, one with an auditorium for 200 people - both halls provide the opportunity to play basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, indoor soccer, ,
  • indoor swimming pool with a length of 25 m, in the recreation area there is a 55 m slide,
  • tennis courts 3 game fields,
  • 4 full-size grass football fields
  • a professional boxing gym,
  • water equipment - boats, kayaks, pedal boats, water skis
  • gyms and ergometers,
  • cryotherapy chamber, wellness and rehabilitation facilities.

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