Saturday, 13. July 2024

Athletic throws

The athletics darts complex is adjacent to the soccer bosik complex. It consists of:

  • 3 hammer/dash throwing stations,
  • 1 javelin throwing machine,
  • 2 ball throwing machines,
  • heated training plate with dimensions of 3x10m, 


The athletic throws complex was built in 2018. The facility is fenced with a 180 cm high system fence, which ensures the safety of conducting training classes. The entire surface of the dartboard is about 2 ha. At the facility, throws are made in the direction of south-north.

Individual dartboards are located in such a way that their throwing zones do not overlap with each other making it possible to conduct training simultaneously on all the dartboards. On the throws for discus/hammer throw there are installed performance cages made by Polanik KLM -7/10 - A. On the run-up to the javelin throw there is MONDO surface. Ball throwing ranges are adapted for disabled people.

The existing soccer pitches are separated from the darts with 6m high ball catches.

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