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About us
The grounds of the Olimpic Preparation Centre in Walcz spreads on a picturesque glade hidden among the beach-oak forest on the shore of Radun lake and is the main rowing and canoeing sport base in Poland but also provides an opportunity to practice almost all sports.

The Centre is equipped with modern rowing and canoeing race track, two sport halls, tennis courts, a pitch, professional boxing hall, three gyms, swimming pool, fitness and rehabilitation facilities (including cry chamber and surgery).The Centre in Walcz has excellent natural conditions ensuring peace and quiet as well as a great contract with nature. These are the factors which are indispensable in the process of achieving the set up goals during all trainings. What is more, marvelous beech and oak forests stretch all around the Centre creating a very unique microclimate. Vast coniferous forest with a number of paths surrounding the place enable the athletes to carry out their training in natural conditions.

Costs (per day/ per person) is 53 Euro

The price includes: accommodation (double room),  three meals per day (Swedish buffet) and the use of sports and biological regeneration facilities.

Depending on individual  circumstances prices may be negotiable.

For more information please go to: www.walcz.cos.pl
or contact our  Reservation Department:

Ms. Ilona Czapczyńska - Lewko
tel. +48 67 258 44 61 ext. 447
e-mail: ilona.czapczynska@cos.pl

We heartily invite you to come and take advantage of many opportunities we offer at Our Olimpic Preparation Center.

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